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30 years
  •  Telephone: 01622 221 849  Telephone:01622 221 849
  •  Mobile: 07872 059539  Mobile: 07872 059539
  •  Email:  Email:

South East Leak Detection Experts

  •  Telephone: 01622 221 849  Telephone:01622 221 849
  •  Mobile: 07872 059539  Mobile: 07872 059539
  •  Email:  Email:
water supply surveys water supply surveys water supply surveys

Installations & Repairs on Water Supply Pipes, Drainage & Gas Mains

Telephone:: 01622 221849
Mobile:: 07872 059 539

W.S.S. House,
Woodside Cottage,
Lidsing Road,
KentME7 3EH

Registered Address:
25 Marion Close,
Kent, ME5 9QA

Registered as a limited company in England and Wales under company number: 10019688

Do you need work done on outdoor pipes on your property? Whatever type of pipe it is, we can take care of everything from design and installation of new systems, to repairs and renewals of existing ones. We’re fully certified, water board approved and carry out all our work in line with current legislation.

Water supply services works throughout England and Wales to save people money and save the planet water, so get in touch today.

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